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Haicom Electronics CORP.

is a professional consumer GPS (Global Positioning System) products provider. It was established in 2000. Since then, we develop and sell GPS and Tracker. Current products include GSM/GPS Tracker, GPS Receiver, GPS module and Wireless, motion sensing PC gun.

Our R&D teams constantly develop new applications for GPS and Wireless, motion sensing. Principles to develop our products are high quality and multi-purpose. Our goal is to provide convenient facilities.

We hope every one can enjoy our technology and his (her) life. Anyone is welcome to join us either for OEM application or for regional distribution. If you have special requirements, please just let us know.

  • HI-204III RS-232 GPS receiver
  • HI-204III USB GPS receiver
  • HI-204III RJ11 GPS receiver
  • HI-204III RJ45 GPS receiver
  • HI-303III CompactFlash GPS receiver
  • HI-305III CF/SD GPS receiver
  • HI-403BT Bluetooth Cube / PSII box
  • HI-408BT Bluetooth GPS Receiver
  • HI-407BT Bluetooth GPS Receiver W/Cigarette Light, HI-505III SD/BT GPS receiver
  • HI-408BT Bluetooth GPS Receiver
  • HI-701 Build in GPS Receiver Holder
  • HI-701BT Build in Bluetooth GPS Receiver Holder
  • GPS/GSM real time Personal/Vehicle Tracking System
  • Fit in car mount for smartphone
  • GPS External Antenna.